Toward Sustainability

Traverse Advising catalyzes organizational performance by integrating social and environmental impacts into governance structures. We are a trusted sustainability advisor, program developer, and greenhouse gas manager. Our work helps clients effectively analyze, strategize, and communicate commitments to sustainability.

Traverse offers customized professional services to support your sustainability efforts



Stakeholder Engagement


Capacity Building


Guiding the transition to a more sustainable society.


We are a part of this movement because it's our passion, and we believe it is our generational duty.

Social well-being, environmental protection, and the proper distribution of wealth are our guiding principles. The intersection of these spheres is where sustainability practices thrive.

Today’s political and regulatory climate is pushing for an increased focus on the triple bottom line. Those that are proactive about these changes are often outperforming their competition and gaining positive attraction from investors. In other words, taking steps forward in sustainability is the best way to mitigate organizational risks.

In order to prepare for the future, we must begin planning and benchmarking today. That said, we firmly believe the path to sustainability is different for everyone. We invest the necessary time to create a customized solution for each of our clients.


Jonathan Gregory, ISSP-SA

Jonathan comes from a family of entrepreneurs who value integrity and service to others above all else.

Through building and managing organizations that do well by doing good, Jonathan has had a robust career in the sustainability movement – shaping companies, nonprofits, and municipalities in diverse ways – with a constant vision of transitioning towards a more socially and environmentally-responsible future.

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